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That beats everything

If the ALPINE PEAK were a top model, it would no longer be allowed on the catwalk, as the very thin ones are no longer welcome there. But sometimes less is more like with the ALPINE PEAK. The new lightweight by U-Turn with DHV-1 classification has not an ounce too much on the V-ribs. The glider in the XS-version weighs a full 3,9 kilograms, and that's at ideal proportions.

The latest development of Ernst Strobl, head of U-Turn design, refers specifically to mountain climbers and other close-to-nature pilots, who like to drag their glider up the mountain, before they take off. All other pilots can take advantage of the lightweight construction as well, of course. First and foremost the absolutely uncomplicated take off attitude deserves mentioning: the ALPINE PEAK doesn't even knows shooting forward through hearsay, the easy filling is remarkably even and the take off remarkably uncomplicated.

In the air the ALPINE PEAK convinces through high passive security because the lighter materials approach the system of the AFS a smidgen more delicately. Also the efficiency is improved compared to the EMOTION, which it derived from. The ALPINE PEAK is a touch faster and a little more direct and ascends a bit better in the thermal- which is not a surprise as the low masses achieve appropriate impact.

The new glider sets on Skytex 36 (40%) in the upper sail, the rest is made up of Skytex 27. Except for the slim design stripe, which is made of the 36 material, the Skytex 27 is exclusively applied in the lower sail. Also the V-ribs (except of the line sets) and the V-tapes are manufactured of the 27 cloth. The riser is made of 12 millimeter Kevlar and the Liros lines represent an optimal mix of weight reduction and stability.

“We waited to introduce this extremely light glider to the market until we were absolutely convinced of the consistency and the capacity of the available material”, both design engineer Ernst Strobl and manager Thomas Vosseler explain. The UV-resistance of the material and the abidance of the acerb U-Turn quality norm, which concern the permanent porosity of the material, were tested over a long period and with countless test flights.

The ALPINE PEAK is available in the sizes: XS (3,9 kg/ 50-80 kg take off weight), S (4,3 kg/ 60-90 kg), M (4,8kg/ 80-110 kg) and L (5,2kg/ 100-130 kg).

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